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Christmas Celebration 2017

Saturday, December 16, 2017

The event was well attended by over 100 active and retired members of Local 2/289-M and guests, and DC3 leaders.
A delicious holiday dinner followed the speakers.

The local warmly welcomed very special guest speakers:

bullet Gregory Nowak, President Teamsters Local 1038, Teamsters Joint Council 43, and International Representative
bullet Steve Bieda, Michigan State Senator
bullet Rick Street, GCC Union Organizer
bullet Steve Nobles, Local 2/289-M President, spoke on behalf of Bill Black

On behalf of the local, DC3 President Steve Nobles thanked the Executive Board for their professional work. And the office staff, Mary Mabe, Chris Schmidt and Elizabeth Nobles for their service to Local 2/289-M, and for helping make this Christmas Celebration a success.

Greg Nowak, President Teamsters Joint Council 43 and Local 1038, spoke on the great partnership between the Joint Council and DC3. Many issues face unions and union leadership is trying to meet those challenges. Union member participation plays a large part of making those efforts successful.

Steve Nobles, DC3 Secretary Treasurer/Chief Executive Officer and Local 2/289-M President, spoke on behalf of Bill Black, Teamsters Legislative Director. Under the Trump Administration, the NLRB has overturned may rules established under the Obama Administration that will adversely affect workers. Pension solvency issues would be addressed by the passage in Congress of the
Butch Lewis Act of 2017 (S.2146/HR.4444).

Democrat Steve Bieda, Michigan State Senator, took time from his busy schedule to speak. Mr. Bieda updated the members on Michigan State legislative activities. SB 724-725 (sponsors Sen. Bieda & Sen. Hopgood) would reverse the impact of the state's right-to-work law by allowing union to charge agency fees to nonunion members. Senator Bieda is vying for the Democratic nomination to fill retiring Congressman Sander Levin's seat.

Rick Street, GCC/IBT Organizer spoke on the union's organizing successes. Some of these successes include 250 organized in Iowa and 150 organized in Illinois. Mr. Street also spoke on how the use of cell phone links can be a major tool in the organizers tool box.

DC3 President Israel Castro and DC3 Staff Representative, and former Evansville, Indiana Local 571-M President, Mike Wohlhueter on Mike's retirement. Mr. Wohlheuter served the union cause with heart, hard work and dedication for 34 years.

The Macomb/St Clair Autism Society representative Monica spoke on the support, activities and children's life learning classes it provides to families. A check for $14,500 from the Local 2/289-M 2017 annual golf outing proceeds was presented to the Macomb/St Clair Autism Society by Local 2/289-M Vice President Dan Courtney.

DC3 Staff Representative, and former Evansville, Indiana Local 571-M President, Mike Wohlhueter, who is retiring after many years of service, was presented with an elegant desk plague, in honor of his service, from GCC/IBT District Council 3.

    The local welcomed US Marine Lance Corporal Greene, representative for the Toys-for-Tots campaign. GCC/IBT DC3 members, their families and friends, reached an all time of high of over 8 large boxes of toys donated to children in need.

President Nobles thanked the Local 2/289-M Golf committee, Warren Lembas, Israel Castro, Dan Courtney, Jim Corbit, Rich Youmans, Tim Young and many others, for their hard work in making the William Browning Annual Golf Outing a huge success.
President Donald J. Trump, deflector in chief: There are more important issues facing the country than who sits or stands for the anthem at a football game!


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