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Local 2/289-M Golf Outing 2016

GCC/IBT District Council 3 Local 2/289-M William Browning 14th Memorial Golf Outing
at Timberwood Golf Club, 23700 31 Mile Road, Ray, Michigan

SATURDAY August 27, 2016

The annual golf outing event was named for a highly respected member of Local 2/289. Secretary-Treasurer Bill Browning passed away on July 26, 2004. He was with us in spirit as the day was mostly beautiful, although rain moved in later, cutting the outing short. Our sincere thanks to the sponsors who made this outing possible. This year's event brought out 176 golfers!


ABS Equity
Adams Street Partners
ALA Local One-L, IBT
Allianz Global Investors
Amalgamated Bank of Chicago
American Graphics
American Income Life
American Realty Advisors
Atlanta Capital Management
Benefit Review Services
Blue Cross Blue Shield
BMO Global Asset Management
Bogen Law Offices, PA
Bridgewater Associates, Inc
Calibre CPA Group
Call A Doc
Chicago Equity Partners
Clark Graphics
Cohen & Company, CPAs
Conners & Company Investment Services
Davidson Kempner Capital Management LP
District Council 3
DTU Local 18
Edward Jones/Michael Passmore
Edward Jones/Patrick Dorcey
Entrust Capital, Inc.
Finkel, Whitefield, Selik
Gannett Publishing Louisville
Gary Eby, Attorney
GCC/IBT Local 735-S
Graphic Communication Conference/IBT
Hamilton Lane Advisors
Health Alliance Plan
Helm Inc.
Highland & Associates, Inc.
Impressions Group
Inland Press
Independent Union Of Graphic Industry International Personal
Intercontinental Real Estate Corp.
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Investec Asset Management North America, Inc.
Israel Castro, President District Council 3


This year's event raised nearly $17,000 for various charities, including the Macomb/St. Clair County Autism Society.

A special thank you to the Golf Outing organizers Dan Courtney and Steve Nobles.

And to Diane Lembas, Debbie Painchaud, Jamie Bathurst, Hannah Courtney, Andrea Strassburg, Erin Fecko, Emily Estelle, Deanna Omera, Melissa Dominic, Mary Maybe and Dolores Harkins.

And to Steve Fishman and American Graphics for printing of the Program.

And a very special thank you to the sponsors. Their support helped make this a very successful event.


Kushner, Kippelman, Taub PLLC
Labaton Sucharow LLP
Lord Abbett Marco Consulting Group
Marquette Associates
McKnight, McClow, Canzano, Smith & Radtke, P.C.
Mesirow Financial
Michigan Allied Printing Trades
Mooney, Green, Saindon, Murphy & Welch P.C.
Motor City Casino
Norbrook Plating Inc.
Pollard Banknote
Rainier Investment Management
RBC Global Asset Management
Reinhart Attorneys at Law
Richard Warsh, Attorney
Riegle Press Inc.
Robbins, Geller, Rudman & Dowd LLP
Schilling Investment Consultants
Scout Investments
Segal Company
Sierra Investment Partners, Inc.
SMS Holdings
Steve Fishman
Sudler Insurance Services Inc.
Sugarman & Susskind P.A.
Teamsters Joint Council 43
Teamsters Local 243
Teamsters Local 247
Teamsters Local 299
Teamsters Local 332
Teamsters Local 337
Teamsters Local 406
Teamsters Local 769
Teamsters Local 1038
The Local Credit Union
Torchlight Investors, LLC
Tweddle Group
Union Plus (Rip Willard)
United Benefit Advisors
William Blair & Company
In Memory of
Jake Willard

In Memory of
Robert Wood Sr. and Robert Wood Jr.

In Memory of
Steve Lewkowicz

Team 14B Scrambles winners
  • Scrambles winners were (Team 14B) Dale Damerow, Todd Casc, Jim Burgett and Josiah Newton
  • Closest to pin par 3s won by Virginia Burkes, Ken Jason, Steve Dobbs and Greg S
  • Men's Longest drive won by Gregg Wyzykowski
  • Ladies Longest drive won by Shannon Voakes
  • Straightest close to line won by Chad Smith

Ladies Longest drive winner

Team 1A

Team 1B

Team 1C

Team 2A

Team 2B

Team 3A

Team 3B

Team 4A

Team 4B

Team 4C

Team 5A

Team 5B
2016 TEAMS
1A Bob Sudler, Ron Ruzza, Larry Welker, Todd Miller
1B Israel Castro, Mike Wohlhueter, Peter Conlogue, Chris Farrand
1C Val Miller, Beverly Harris, Kathy Kudsin, Shannon Voakes
2A Sydney Nicholson, Dawson Miller, Ryan Perez, Jim Schiller
2B Michael MacMaster, Gregg Wyzykowski, Andy Kbamme, Nick Wagner
3A Jake Stark, Steve Stark, Katie Stark, Kyle Stark
3B Ron Robinson, Nic Long, Kenny Miller, Jeff Krejci
4A Tim Young, James Uelmen, Jason Glasgow, James Ulemen Jr
4B Stan Maurer, Mike Brauer, Justin Henkle, Andy Aviala
4C Irving Thompson, Scott Frank, Ben Goers, Joe Bartum
5A Dave Jacobs, Eric Jacobs, Regis Jacobs, Harrison Jacobs
5B Jason Stark, Nick Stark, other team members
5C Frank Voelker II, Martin Voelker, Ray MacDonald, Dave Bridget
6A Ken Otto, Pierre Kassab, A. J. Hakim, Ken Kaluzney
6B Nick Alson, Matt Maas, Dave Hobson, Pat McGinn
7A Ken Parlow, Bryan Dominic, Steve Chismody, Kenny Jason
7B Mike Niedbala, Nick Lewkowicz, Travis Pride, Rick Mayer
8A Cody Thomlinson, Ian Moss,Al Smith, Rick Andrews
8B Mark Dudas, Vershon Watson, Donovan Burks, Harold Wright
8C Steve Dobbs, John Yaquinto, Mike VanArman, Joe Rubino
9A Chuck Guertin, Doug Schulz, Jim Rodgers, James Sanders
9B Dan Larese, Will Radford, Bill Stamps, Chris Buescher
2016 TEAMS
10A Dan Courtney, Jim Hazard, Darrin Rypkowski, Ray Schillinger
10B Mike Pingel, Mike Pingel II, Freddie Rodriguez, Steve Fishman
10C Kelly Roberts, Desirea Jackson, Jessica Shuti, Christy Kubat
11A Jim Corbit, Ken Frederick, Rich Youmans, John Chambers
11B Jim Lesnek, Art Marquez, Ray Hernandez, Tyler Forbes
12A Barry Nicholas, Scott Stalker, Scott Shine, Darrell Ward
12B Ric Willard, David Willard, Jim Willard, Dennis Sobell
12C Ken Kwapisz, Gary Lucas, Jim Murphy, Don Moran
13A Warren Lembas, Rick Emmelian, Mike Puma, Eric Puma
13B Rip Willard, Rob Benedict, Don Courtright, Mike Dugan
14A James Strahan, Nick Pauwels, Curtis Fleming, Joe Sims
14B Dale Damerow, Todd Casc, Josiah Newton, Jim Burgett
14C Marty Retenback, Jason Retenback, Ray Paul, Ben Reno
15A Tom Berkle, Butch Stephenson, Dennis James, Mike Painchaud
15B Ken Bush, Ken Wilson, Matt Wilson, other team member
16A Josh Strassburg, Neale Hicks, Jon Lembas, Bryan Sandzik
16B Tim Goins, Jackie Nakfoor, Luther Bradley, Kathy McAttee
17A Paul Willems, Josh Garling, Kyle Cottick, Miles Thorp
17B Paul Kozicki, Thomas Ziembovic, Rick Dubroy, other team member
17C Carmen Calice, Mark Mull, Dave Thomas, Jeff Smith
18A Greg Nowak, TJ Kitchen, Karl Grimm, Mike Kapuscinski
18B Travis Settes, Travis Arnett, Jim Lentz, Dave Graham
Some teams had substitute golfers or golfers were combined into other teams. Not all teams are pictured.

Team 5C

Team 6A

Team 6B

Team 7A

Team 8A

Team 8B

Team 8C

Team 9A

Team 9B

Team 10A

Team 10B

Team 10C

Team 11A

Team 11B

Team 12A

Team 12B

Team 12C

Team 13A

Team 13B

Team 14A

Team 14B

Team 14C

Team 15B

Team 16A

Team 16B

Team 17B

Team 18B

Team for Autism



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