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GCC/IBT District Council 3 Cincinnati Local 508-M

Ohio Office: GCC/IBT District Council 3, 2100 Oak Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241
Phone: 513-621-3974 or 800-797-2289
Fax : 513-621-5283
Email: GCC/IBT District Council 3

The Graphic Communications Conference/IBT District Council 3 Cincinnati Local 508-M represents active members throughout Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. The local merged with Columbus Local 62-C, effective December 1, 2005. Transferred locals during 2005 include Columbus Local 147-B, Shelby Local 789-S and Athens Local 269-M. Transferred locals during 2006 include East Liverpool Local 638-S, effective October 16, 2006.

Local 508-M Officers/Delegates to DC-3

bullet Chris Hancock - President
bullet Garry Cordell - Vice President
bullet Roger Lindon - Recording Secretary
bullet Jack McQuery - Sergeant-At-Arms

bullet Joe Kesler - Executive Board
bullet Greg Romito - Executive Board
bullet Brian Cansler - Executive Board
bullet Tyler Wyant - Executive Board
bullet Bruce Kleimeyer - Executive Board
bullet Eric Cantrell - Executive Board
bullet Mark Trimpe - Executive Board
bullet Matt Gipson - Executive Board

bullet Herman Lauer - Retiree Committee
bullet Dieter Lubert - Retiree Committee
bullet Frank Reusing - Retiree Committee
bullet Denny Schmidt - Retiree Committee
bullet John Sullivan - Retiree Committee
bullet Dave Bacon - Retiree Committee
bullet Paul Scott - Retiree Committee
bullet Ray Robb - Retiree Committee

Local 508-M Regular Executive Board Meetings

2019 Meeting Schedule to be announced

Local 508-M Regular Membership Meetings

2019 Meeting Schedule to be announced


ATTENTION LOCAL 508-M: If the local would like to ...

bullet List the Chapel Chairpersons or Shop Stewards on the Employers listing
bullet List Employer websites, post meeting dates or other special interest item
bullet Submit pictures, items of special interest, articles, newsletters, etc.

... please submit request to webmanager@gcudistrictcouncil3.org. Please supply as much information as possible, such as location, date of event and picture captions (with names, titles or other identification, listed from left to right).

Pictures may be supplied in .jpeg or .jpg format (common electronic photo format) or .gif (common for computer generated graphics, line, black & white or animated graphics) in no more than 10MB compressed .zip (winzip) or .sit (stuffit) packages. Picture programs, such as Kodak Easyshare, may also be used. Be sure to check "select picture file as original".

Text may be supplied in email or PC text files, such as notepad, WordPad or MSWord. Newsletters should be submitted as PDF (Portable Document Format) if possible.

Thank you for your input!


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