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GCC/IBT Local 25-M (546-M) 2019 Calendar

GCC/IBT District Council 3 Local 25-M (former Local 546-M)

Office: GCC/IBT District Council 3, Local 25-M, 1400 East Schaaf Road, Brooklyn Heights, Ohio 44131
• Phone: 216-741-5722
• Fax: 216-741-6819
• Toll Free: 800-797-2289
• Email:  dc3icastro@twc.com
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-4:00 PM

Local 25-M Officers

bullet Israel Castro, President of Local 25-M, Secretary Treasurer & Principal Officer of DC3
bullet Jaron Hempleman, Vice President of DC3 & Staff Representative
bullet Jim Corbit, Vice President
bullet Dan Courtney, Staff Representative
bullet Kim Tehoke, Recording Secretary
bullet Rich Youmans, Sergeant-At-Arms of DC3

Local 25-M Executive Board

  • Rich Youmans, Executive Board Member
  • Jeff Harpold, Executive Board Member
  • Jeff Krejci, Executive Board Member
  • Carmen Calice, Executive Board Member
  • Desmond Cox, Executive Board Member
  • Erica Ison, Executive Board Member
  • Ray Sheets, Executive Board Member
  • Bryan Dominic, Executive Board Member
  • Matt Toth, Executive Board Member
  • Rob Brace, Executive Board Member
  • Willie Ward, Executive Board Member
  • Dave Rydzinski, Executive Board Member

Local 25-M Retiree Advisory Board

  • Tim Young, Retiree Advisory Board Member
  • Mike Wohlhueter, Retiree Advisory Board Member
  • Warren Lembas, Retiree Advisory Board Member
  • Larry Jelinek, Retiree Advisory Board Member

DC3 Cleveland Office Staff

bullet Joan Aerni - email:  joanaerni546@sbcglobal.net

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Local 546-M Calendar

Local 546-M 2019 Union Calendar (PDF)

Local 546-M Activities

September 5, 2015 North Shore AFL-CIO Labor Day Festival in Parma, Ohio

Local 546-M Oral History Project and Local History Survey

PURPOSE: To record and retain historical information regarding GCIU Local 546M and previous organizations (6L, 24P, 56C, 36-124B, etc.), it's members and shops. This information would be used to create a historical record of the Local. Please click links below for details on how you can participate.

Local 546-M Oral History Project (PDF)

Local 546-M Local History Survey (PDF)

Local 546-M Member Benefits

Local 546-M Member Benefits (PDF)

Northeast Ohio Allied Printing Trades Council

2013 Directory of Union Printing Establishments (PDF)


ATTENTION LOCAL 25-M: If the local would like to ...

bullet Submit pictures, items of special interest, articles, newsletters, etc.

... please submit request to webmanager@gcudistrictcouncil3.org. Please supply as much information as possible, such as location, date of event and picture captions (with names, titles or other identification, listed from left to right).

Pictures may be supplied in .jpeg or .jpg format (common electronic photo format) or .gif (common for computer generated graphics, line, black & white or animated graphics) in no more than 10MB compressed .zip (winzip) or .sit (stuffit) packages. Picture programs, such as Kodak Easyshare, may also be used. Be sure to check "select picture file as original".

Text may be supplied in email or PC text files, such as notepad, WordPad or MSWord. Newsletters should be submitted as PDF (Portable Document Format) if possible.

Thank you for your input!


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Northeast Ohio Allied Printing Trades Council Directory 2013 PDF

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